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Grandparents with grandchildPerhaps one of the most emotional issues that families go through includes their extended family. Too often grandparents are put in the position of fighting for the ability to see their grandchildren after a divorce or separation, especially in contentious matters. At Nina Scopetti Attorney at Law, we understand the difficulties facing the extended family. As a grandparents’ rights attorney in Columbus, the firm works with families to reach an agreement that protects your relationship with your grandchildren.

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Advocating for the Best Interests of the Child

Our firm works with families through difficult custody and grandparent visitation situations. These include instances where your lawyer must act for the improved health and well-being of the children, such as:

  • There is evidence of drugs, neglect, or other abuse in the custodial home
  • There are questions concerning whether or not the child is receiving appropriate care
  • Instances of death or incarceration of one or both parents
  • Instances where parents have abandoned their children
  • Criminal behavior on the part of the parents
  • The children have resided with the grandparents for extended periods of time
  • The parents have “cut off” the relationship with the grandparents

In the case of any of these circumstances, residents of Ohio can pursue access to grandparents’ rights.

What Visitation Rights do Grandparents have in Ohio?

Grandparents do have visitation rights of their grandchildren if they meet these three circumstances:

  1. If the child's parents are unmarried
  2. When one parent is deceased
  3. When parents have divorced or legally separated

If the child lives with a family that is fully intact, then the grandparents may not sue.

Can a Parent Deny a Grandparent Visitation?

If the court orders for visitation, the parent has no right to deny them. However, if the family is fully intact and there has been no court order, then the parent may deny visitation and the grandparent has the right to only ask to see their grandchildren.

Why You should Hire an Attorney for Grandparents’ Rights

Columbus family lawyer Nina Scopetti’s goal in every case is to see families and children work out plans that are in their best interests. With more than 30 years of experience, she has seen that grandparents hold an important role in the long-term well-being of children.

In addition, there are more and more cases in which Grandparents seek and obtain custody of the children due to the parents being “unfit.” Nina Scopetti has represented many Grandparents who have received custody of their grandchildren under the sad circumstances when parents cannot properly care for their children.

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