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Parents are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities under the law, and along with that, they are afforded specific rights. These circumstances are meant to be the same for both the mother and father. Too often, one or both parents are confused regarding their child custody arrangement and what exactly the agreement entails. Who gets the right to answer questions regarding religion? Who is responsible for paying for college education? When you work with Nina Scopetti, Attorney at Law, you have the full attention of our firm. As your parents’ rights lawyer, we will work to straighten out any confusion while representing your interests and the best situation for your child.

Helping Mothers

During a divorce, it is common for each party to focus on their own goals and desires. In the past, mothers were more likely to be granted custody. Today, however, the court system takes a more objective approach. What can you expect as a divorced mom? If you aren’t married, then your mothers’ rights take effect and you are almost certain to have a lot of say.
Mothers, fathers and even grandparents have a stake in the outcome of a divorce as a divorce judgment often results in life changes. As your attorney, we resolve disputes while focusing on outcomes that are beneficial to you.
Recently, however, the courts have taken a more progressive approach to approving a parenting plan. It is our goal, however, to ensure that our clients' rights are not violated.  We will develop a case strategy that highlights the strengths and benefits of our clients' parental ability while maintaining a strict focus on the best interests of the child.
We remain current with changing legislation and current legal trends. Our clients trust us to fight to defend their rights and protect their best interests.
The biggest advantage that can be included in the notion of mothers' rights takes effect if there is no marriage in place. In these situations, the mother has all the rights. If you are not married, the mother is the parent unless paternity is established by the courts through DNA testing.
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Assisting with Fathers’ Rights

fathers' rights

As the male parent, you may feel that fathers’ rights are difficult to defend. Although the courts today are moving toward giving each parent equal consideration during cases, it is still necessary to work with an experienced parents’ rights attorney to obtain a child custody agreement that satisfies you. The law is moving slowly toward a balanced approach; be sure that you are receiving adequate representation.

Historically, mothers were given preferential consideration during a divorce proceeding. Luckily, recent legislation and the court system as a whole looks at both individuals on equal footing when making judgments. It is our goal to ensure that our clients are treated fairly and given equal consideration in all matters related to family law.
The court holds one standard above all others; the best interests of the children. All decisions and rulings are measured against this standard. We will perform a careful examination of your situation and vigorously defend your right to be with your children.
Due to years of preferential treatment of mothers, fathers tend to believe that they have little or no rights to custody or visitation following a divorce. This is simply not true. Unless there is some crucial underlying reason, fathers have the same rights as mothers in regard to their children.
Courts are taking a more progressive, realistic approach to examining the modern family. Neither parent should be looked at with the presumption that he or she will be a better parent following a divorce. Contacting an experienced lawyer should be your first step in establishing your custodial rights.
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