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When You Need a Child Support Lawyer near Columbus

If you have recently received an official notice from a court or from a county child support enforcement agency β€” do not wait to speak with a lawyer. Our attorney has a thorough understanding of Ohio's child support guidelines and can provide you with a fairly good estimate, based on some basic information provided by you, of what your child support obligations under the law might be.

Support Calculation

Much like everywhere else, Ohio child support law uses a fairly rigid formula to calculate child support. The law and the formula it establishes look at a number of factors in determining support:
  1. The number of children involved
  2. The gross monthly income of both parents
  3. The monthly child support obligations of either parent to children from previous marriages
  4. Existing spousal support obligations from previous marriages
  5. Monthly day care, education and health care expenses
Attorney Nina Scopetti can help you to understand the important tax ramifications that child support and spousal support can have and how they might impact you. In addition, we assist parents who are seeking to have existing child support orders enforced or who need to request a modification to the amount they are currently receiving or being asked to pay.

Support Modification

In life, change is constant. What that means in the context of life after divorce is that when things like unemployment, a new job opportunity, an illness or the needs of growing children change β€” a support, visitation or child custody modification may be in order.
If you are experiencing a major life change or anticipate one in the near future, we can help you go about obtaining a support, visitation or child custody modification in the right way. For a free consultation β€” call or contact the law offices of Nina Scopetti.

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Enforcement of Child Support Orders

A divorce judgment will include items agreed upon through mediation or court orders. Factors such as child custody, child support, visitation and spousal support are all described in detail. When one party cannot comply or willfully ignores an aspect of this order, action must be taken.
Struggling to turn a new leaf and begin a new life after divorce can be challenging. This challenge becomes even more frustrating when your "ex" is not honoring the divorce judgment.
Orders of a court are relatively routine, and if somebody fails to follow them there are a number of actions a party can take. The most common method is to file a motion for contempt against the offending party. That process includes the filing of a motion and the creation of some type of penalty such as jail time, attorney fees and court costs. Obviously, it is preferable if the orders are followed to the letter. If need be, however, you will have to get the court's involvement. We can guide you through this process.
It is important to remember that taking action into your own hands is discouraged. If you are not receiving the child support you should, do not deny the visitation rights that are also in the court order. Contact an attorney as soon as possible and we will fight on your behalf through the court system to ensure you receive the money you are owed.


A paternity test is a valuable first step for both mothers and fathers.
Generally, paternity testing is an administrative process. There is a common misconception, however, that once paternity is established, it also confers upon the father some sort of custodial rights. A paternity test is just one step in that process. Establishment of paternity is necessary for the allocation of child support, but it does not give the father any rights for decision-making or visitation. In other words, this test can establish parental obligation rather than parental rights.
We understand that both parties have an interest in the establishment of paternity through a DNA test. Recent changes to the law and current legislation allow this practice area to constantly evolve and change with the times. Count on Nina Scopetti to remain current with any modifications & steer you in the right direction.